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Fan Artists and Writers Needed


A Book Can Change A Life

Tears of the Phoenix is accepting submissions for their upcoming print book Wrock and Read

Tears of the Phoenix Anthologies and Wizard Wrockers are joining together to kick it Dumbledore’s Army-style, using the power of music, words and art to prove once again that Harry Potter fans can use their talents to help improve the world.

We proudly announce the launching the Wrock and Read Project.

Some of our favorite Wrockers (INCLUDING BRIAN AND BRADLEY WITH THE BEST CRACKTASTIC PROMPTS) have offered up creative prompts to inspire writers and artists to use their talents to help others by creating original works for an anthology.

All proceeds will go to Kids Need to Read a charity like ourselves--a small grassroots organization ran by a small group of volunteers and dedicated founders who bring their love of reading to everything they do.

What we will are looking for:

Drabbles (100-word stories)
Flash fiction (under 1,000-2,500 words)
Short stories (under 5,000 words)
Graphic stories
Comic strips

Fiction and Poetry: November 30, 2009
Artwork: January 1, 2010
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party like you're evil

i'm on the edge of tears after a complete failure in my search for the "party like you're evil" cd
please, could anyone help me?
i'm from russia so there is very little amount of ways i could buy it online
maybe someone could just share it?
it'll make me really happy.
thanx for your piece of attention

draco and the malfoys rule
damn i live in that backside of the wizard rock world(((

i don't know if this is allowed but i really DID look everywhere!
and i've got plenty of music to share, if you could be interested!
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Wizrock Love

Name: Courtney

Age: 28 (29 next Friday, whee!)

Location: Metro-Detroit, MI

Favorite Wizard Rock Bands (group artists): Um. This is a difficult one to answer; it depends on what kind of music I'm in the mood for at a given time, I suppose. But I lovelovelove Steph (Tonks and the Aurors) and Allie (The Chinese Chomping Cabbages), Russ (Creevey Crisis), Amy (Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons), Rif (Department of Rock) and Alex (The Remus Lupins) as far as people to talk to go.

Favorite Wizard Rock Singers (single artists): See answer above.

Have you attended/plan to attend any Wizard Rock concerts?: Yep! Can't wait until the first week in August - yay Unlimited Enthusiasm in Ann Arbor, whatever the show in Southgate's going to be called and Wrock Chicago!

Have you attended/plan to attend any large Wrock events (Yule Balls, Wrockstock, etc)?: Alas, no. But anything's possible!

How many Wrock CDs do you own?: Uh . . . ten or so, I think, not counting last year's EPs of the month.

What’s your Hogwarts House?: The quizzes I've taken oscillate between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, leaning a bit towards the former.

What are some of your favorite HP characters?: Luna, Ginny, McGonnegall, Lee Jordan, Oliver Wood . . . I could list for ages, really.

What are some of your favorite HP pairings?: Are we talking canon or OC?

Do you do any fanworks (art, fic, icons, etc.)? If so, what?: Nope, I'm not that talented. Although - well, I write lyrics. And try to use my very limited compositional skills to put them to music.

What non-HP fandoms are you into?: Firefly/Serenity, Dr. Who

What fandoms/characters/pairings do you talk about most often in your journal?: Heh, none.

What do you post about outside of fandom?: Life, friends, books I've read, whatever happens to cross my mind at a given time. I'm a stream of consciousness sort of girl.

What are you looking for in an LJ-friend?: (this can include anything from 'someone who'll comment' to 'someone to RP with' etc.) Usually, they're people I know from someplace or another, be it RL or some online venue.

Other favorites: Books? Movies? TV? Music?: Ysplz.

Anything else?: Not really.
Espurr, Pokemon 5

Wrock Friending Meme

In case you've never been involved in one of these- this it how it goes. Follow the link to the post with the survey and link the post to your friendslist so more people will come post their survey. Then people will browse through the replies to see if there's anyone that is into their interests/fandoms. Then just reply to them and ask to friend. Simple as that!

Come on over and spread the wrock love!
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Filling the Void

Hey all you wrockers! Are you a LiveJournal or LJ-Clone user who wishes there was more wrock around those sites? Not to fear, Wrockstock feels your pain and is here to save the day!

Wrockstock now has a community for all you blogging Wrockstockers on each of the big blog sites! You can now find links to all the info you need about wrockstock, updates on bands and merchandise, and other great wrockstockers right from your favorite blogging site! All Wrockstockers are welcome, past present and future! It's a great place to meet other people going to Worckstock or people who just love Harry Potter and wrock! Click the links below to find the right community for you!

Wrockstock on LiveJournal

Wrockstock on IsaneJournal

Wrockstock on JournalFen

Wrockstock on GreatestJournal - COMING SOON!

Draco and the Malfoys will once again be Headlining at Wrockstock this year! Check out the community for more info!
WZRD blue and yellow flippy
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Happy Christmas! WZRD episode 25!

The gals of WZRD are proud to present Episode 25 of WZRD featuring Georgia from Riddle TM! The Holiday Episode! :)

Songs featured include:

Fred and George-Nagini
Follow the Red Sparks- The Weasel King
Luna's Anthem- Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons
O Holey Night-Ministry of Magic
Hogwarts: A Pudding-Riddle TM
Phoenix Song-Harry and the Potters

Download directly-here. (Right Click and save as)
Listen at the blog-here.
Subscribe to us-here.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Look for us back soon! Whatever it is that you celebrate this time of year, we hope it is a joyous one. ♥

Love from,
Jamie and Amy-The WZRD Team